Premiere of an opus by Ursula Mamlok 01.06.2009
Inspired by a Berliner Cellharmoniker performance in 2007, German-American composer Ursula Mamlok wrote three additional movements to her composition “Lament” (1957) for the quartet. Mamlok, who fled Nazi Germany in 1939, taught composition at the Manhattan School of Music for more than 40 years and returned to her hometown, Berlin, in 2006. We are pleased to present the complete suite for the first time with Ms. Mamlok in attendance at the Britz Castle concert series on June 7.
Welcome to our new homepage 26.03.2007
We have created an extensive gallery of pictures from the past 13 years as well as new audio samples for you to discover...Enjoy...
NEW! CelloCocktail 2 12.12.2006
The 2005 successor to the first CelloCocktail was produced under the Ars Production label and reflects the further musical expansion of the quartet. It presents a mix of 24 new arrangements, recorded as a Super Audio CD, so that listeners using particular equipment will get the experience of being surrounded by the musicians.