Skillfull spiccato
"On top of their game technically, the Cellharmoniker have developed their very own style of playing in the twelve years of their existence. (...) One simply has to like the quartet which makes music as full of passion as it is funny."
(Rheinische Post, 14.06.2006)
Entertainment at a high level
" …the Berliner Cellharmoniker should be made compulsory for all those who think that classical music is not allowed to be fun."
(Schaumburger Nachrichten, 21.09.2005)
Saucy, sentimental and elegant...
(Siegburg, Konzert at the Beethoven Festival)
" … They mastered the splits between both musical worlds with great persuasive power and offered a high-class concert… "
(General-Anzeiger Bonn, 19.09.2005)
Arousing excitement..
"…the artists had planned to finish their concert with a piece by Herbert Grönemeyer but the audience was adamant for more and demanded one encore after another..."
(Lausitzer Rundschau, 14.02.2005)
Lively closing concert
(Saanen, Closing concert Sommets Musicaux Gstaad '04)
"...swing, hot-blooded rhythms and the perfect harmony of the four artists made the audience forget the technical difficulties the quartet has mastered with ease…"
(Berner Oberländer, 08.03.2004)
Highly celebrated concert
"…the four exceptional cellists delivered an impressive concert which will remain with the audience for a long time to come…"
(Haller Kreisblatt, 03.02.2004)
Masters of their instruments
"To cut a long story short: The four artists, David Drost, Alexander Kahl, Andreas Kipp and Rouven Schirmer, turned out to be true masters of their instruments and met the high expectations of the audience completely…"
(Münsterländische Tageszeitung, 06.10.2003)
In the mood
"…no matter which period or style, the pieces in the program were performed with the utmost precision, technical and musical sensitivity and unmistakable joy…"
(Rhein Zeitung, 26.03.2003)
Between Entertainment and classical music
(Ludwigsburg, Concert at the Palace Festival)
"In this concert, the cello was featured not as a gentle accompanying instrument but freed itself through the excellent arrangements of the Berlin Cellharmoniker. Blistering applause proved that the artists are riding a wave of success."
(Marbacher Zeitung, 29.06.2001)
Thunderous applause
(Ludwigsburg, Concert at the Palace Festival)
"...the performance of the Cellharmoniker blew like a fresh breeze through the muggy air of the hall. Nevertheless, or maybe because of this ‘heat’, listeners were at boiling point after the famous Csardas of Monti concluded in whirling ecstasy…"
(Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung, 28.06.2001)
Ear candy
(Concert at the Rheingau Music Festival)
"It was phenomenal how the musicians passed the melodies amongst themselves and interlocked even the most complicated rhythms."
(Wiesbadener Tageblatt, 20.03.2001)
Persuasive and amusing
"The audience was excited by the performance and managed to elicit three more encores (including "Super Trooper" by ABBA!) from the ensemble to round off the night…"
(Goslarsche Zeitung, 15.02.2001)
Without hesitation
“ …above all, David Popper wanted to entertain with his compositions which were a a perfect fit for this ensemble. They constantly oscillate between classical music and entertainment and make listeners forget where one ends and the other begins..."
(Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung, 23.05.2000)
"'Brilliant, simply fantastic, excellent' were some of the superlatives used by members of the audience at the end of the concert."
(Schaumburger Zeitung, 11.09.1995)